LHL is a boutique law firm that develops only the best talent. Our team of skilled lawyers and professionals have successfully resolved thousands of cases for our clients’ worth hundreds of millions of rands. Confident in our litigation abilities, our team of lawyers and professionals welcome challenging cases, and with a wealth of experience in complex litigation, LHL has the necessary skills and commitment to ensure the best possible outcome for its clients’ cases.
In the corporate legal services sphere, our team of professionals have advised some of Africa’s most prominent companies in a wide array of corporate and commercial matters. From regulatory advice, contractual arrangements, and empowerment requirements, to corporate structuring and JSE listing requirements, LHL has a wealth of experience backed up by attorneys who are comparable to the best among their peers in South Africa.
At LHL we also understand the rapidly changing legal services industry and the unique considerations required in a climate of exponential technological advancement, making us an obvious legal partner for businesses in the tech and other disruptive spaces.